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Troy changes internal controls following $267K theft from Hobart Arena The Ohio State Auditor’s office released a 2020 calendar year audit for the city of Troy with a finding of recovery resulting from the theft of more than a quarter of a million dollars by a former employee at the city-owned Hobart Arena. The Ohio State Auditor’s office released a 2020 calendar year audit for the city of Troy with a finding of recovery resulting from the theft of more than a quarter of a million dollars by a former employee at the city-owned Hobart Arena. The state auditor’s office noted that the finding was issued following a review of an independent audit of city lowest price finances by Plattenburg & Associates Inc. of Dayton. The lone finding involved a Miami County judge’s order of restitution of $267,000 against Cheryl Terry, former city recreational department office manager, who was convicted last year in Common Pleas Court of felony theft in office. Explore RELATED: Woman who stole $250K from Hobart Arena gets 60 days in jail The finding for recovery was “for public property converted or misappropriated … in the amount of $267,000 against Cheryl Terry and her bonding company, Gallagher Bassett, jointly and severally, and in favor of the Hobart Arena fund,” state Auditor Keith Faber wrote in a letter to the mayor and city council. The report’s documents included a summary of prior audit finding that “the design or operation of internal controls at Hobart Arena did not allow management or employees to prevent the theft.” The report states the finding was corrected by the city, but did not detail how this was accomplished. City Auditor John Frigge provided the following explanation. “In 2017, after our extensive renovation of Hobart Arena, we (the city) took over the concessions portion of the events at the Arena. One person was in charge of the receipts and the deposits of various income sources, some of which were not receipted into our ‘point of browse this site sale’ accounting program, as we were getting adjusted to this new system,” he said. “All income is now receipted into this system and dual controls have been implemented for all income and resulting deposits. All other income in our various deposit areas is under dual control, minimizing the opportunity for misappropriations. This point of sale system is in place throughout the rest of the city,” Frigge said. Explore RELATED: Woman pleads guilty to stealing $267K from Hobart Arena Terry, 60, whose address is listed in court documents as Tipp City, was sentenced to five years of community control, restitution and 60 days in the county jail last October by Judge Stacy Wall. Terry told Wall she stole from the city because she was given more work but never received comparable compensation. Police said Terry took money from various funds at the recreation office in the Hobart Arena and deposited it in a bank account she had with a relative. Terry said the relative was unaware of the thefts that charges said occurred between early 2017 and early 2020. A court order signed by Wall in April directs the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System to withhold from Terry’s accumulated contributions the amount of her monthly benefit plus any cost of living adjustment and send the money to the Clerk of Courts to be paid toward the restitution order. The city so far has received $35,970.08 and is still working with its insurance company on a claim for the balance, less the deductible, and is receiving the monthly payments from Terry at this point, Frigge said. The Finding for Recovery has been filed by the state auditor and the city has filed a demand for payment.

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HSE working to identify people who need third vaccine dose Anybody who is eligible for a third dose of a vaccine will be contacted in due course, according to the HSE. During the week, the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) recommended that people with weaker immune systems should get a third dose of a Pfizer or Moderna jab. Damien McCallion is the HSE's national lead for the vaccination programme. He says the health service has started identifying those who need a further shot. "Immunocompromised people with two doses will not get the same benefit as, say, someone who isn't immunocompromised. "So this is a third dose to support their primary vaccination, rather than a booster as such. "But in practical terms for us there are a very specific set of conditions and illnesses that have been recognised and identified by NIAC. "And we're working those through now in terms of trying to see how we will identify those people, and offer them that third vaccine as part of their primary vaccination". While the positivity rate among young people has dropped significantly in the past week. The rate among people aged 15 to 24 has gone from 22% to 16% - and from 13% to 10% in those aged up to 14. Referrals among 15 to 24-year-olds has also dropped sharply, however it is now highest among those aged zero to 14. While 61% of 12 to 15-year-olds have so far signed up for a vaccine. Mr McCallion says this is a 'really good' figure. "In terms of [the] percentage of people registered in that age bracket - 12 to 15 - nearly 61% are registered. "And of those, the vast majority have already had their first dose of their vaccine. "So we would encourage parents to read the information on - it sets out clearly the benefits and the risks - and encourage them to come forward and bring their children forward for vaccination. "But we think that's a really good figure, 61%, at this stage it has been running for a couple of weeks for that younger age group." It comes as walk-in vaccination clinics continue this weekend, with people who got a first dose of AstraZeneca now able to get a second dose of an mRNA vaccine. It follows recently updated advice from NIAC on mixing and matching. Anybody over the age of 12 can avail of a first or second dose of a Pfizer jab, without an appointment, at a selection of clinics this weekend.