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Some say Afghanistan war was 'all for nothing' Attitudes toward the war in Afghanistan and the leadership of the commanders-in-chief who waged it are complicated. "There were objectives in the very beginning that were probably good objectives," said Leif Hassell, 46, a Democrat and public health administrator from Little Rock, Arkansas. "But we spent a long time there and used a lot of treasure and a lot of American lives. There was no clear goal, and there's been no clear benefit from it." While most of those surveyed say Biden mishandled the exit in Afghanistan, few blame him for what went wrong in the war itself. Among those who say the war wasn't worth it – a view held by 60%-28% – just 7% identify Biden as the president who is most responsible for that. Fifteen percent cite Barack Obama, who vowed to end U.S. participation in the war and didn't. Nearly two-thirds, 62%, put the responsibility on George W. Bush, the president who ordered the invasion in 2001. "He's the one that had the big push into Afghanistan," said Ryan Haugh, 27, an independent from Camphill, Pennsylvania. "After 9/11, I think there was very few Americans that were against war at that point because of what happened with the World Trade (Center) and the Pentagon. But I think some of the reasons that we important link were there were the wrong reasons. And then, ultimately, if you look at the end goal, or the end game, where we're at now, it's kind of just like it was all for nothing." Foreign policy and defense strategists in a string of administrations say the war was a success in routing the Taliban and combating terrorist groups, if not in establishing a stable democracy.  But now 73% of Americans believe Afghanistan will once again become a base for terrorists who want to attack the United States. There is scant support for click here now developing diplomatic relations with the emerging rulers there; 71% say the United States should not recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. Huge support for admitting Afghan translators "I think that there's blame all around to be shared," said Kristopher Charles, 30, a pharmacy technician and a Democrat from Fishkill, New York. "President Biden said this was not the most ideal situation. Some of the blame has to be taken by his immediate predecessor as well as George W. Bush having us go to Afghanistan when really we had no business going there.

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Is It Safe to Travel as Delta Variant Surges? Answers to common questions about the safety of traveling amid the resurgence of Covid The cruise industry is treading delicately as it begins sailing again in the U.S. WSJ’s Dave Sebastian explains the complicated maneuvers the industry faces as it works to return to pre-pandemic levels. Photo: Apu Gomes/AFP/Getty Images Just when we thought it was safe to travel again (post-vaccine, that is), the more contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus reared its head. Should this latest threat put the brakes on your wanderlust? We reached out to infectious-disease experts for advice. Here’s what they had to say. Should we be traveling now? And what factors should go into the decision? Of course, nothing is risk-free, including travel. At the same time, if you’re fully vaccinated and have a healthy immune system, doctors say, the risk is low. Breakthrough cases—immunized people getting infected—are on the rise, but they are still rare. And even if you do get a breakthrough case, the symptoms should be relatively minor. Still, that isn’t always the case, and as a result, it’s always better to be careful. “It’s important to know where you are going and who you are going to be with,” says Davey Smith, head of the division of infectious diseases and global public health at the University of California, San Diego. “Are your traveling companions or the people you are visiting also vaccinated and healthy?” If they are, the risks of breakthrough are reduced. If they aren’t, it raises the risks someone will get sick.